This Month’s ‘Rowing Related’ Magazine is Out!

In yesterday’s mail was the latest issue of the magazine Rowing Related. There is the section called ‘Quick Catches’, an article about the 2012 rowing season: about the people, crews, and teams that won the NCAAs, ACRs, IRAs, Youth Nationals, Henley Royal Regatta, London Olympics, London Paralympics, Senior and Junior Worlds, and then an article about the best athletes during the year: Female: Kim Crow (AU); Male: Hamish Bond and Eric Murray (NZ); Coach: Kevin Sauer (University of Virginia); International Crew: U.S. Women’s Eight; Men’s Collegiate Crew of the Year: Harvard Lightweight Varsity Eight; Women’s Collegiate Crew of the Year: University of Virginia Varsity Eight; Event of the Year: The Head of the Charles; and Race of the Year: The Olympic Men’s Eight. The interesting feature article, ‘All Rise’, is about Luke and Portia McGee.

And, of course… wait a minute, did I just write ‘Rowing Related’ as the name of the magazine? Ohh, I see now that it’s actually just called Rowing. Well, all the articles mentioned above are by Bryan Kitch, HTBS’s friend over at the blog ‘Rowing Related’. An amazing man, Mr. Kitch, because not only is he running his eminent blog, he is obviously also writing ‘everything’ in the magazine Rowing, too. Well, almost everything, Marlene Royle has her ‘technique’ page, Volker Nolte doesn’t even have a half page of his ‘sport science’, Rich Davis has a narrow column of his ‘ask the coach’, and a few others have their little blurbs here and there. Thank god, Andy Anderson – ‘Doctor Rowing’ – has his full-page piece, or, nowadays, even a little bit more (although, I think it funny that we readers have to go back a page to read the end of his article).

But, congratulations to Bryan for some well executed, well-written articles!

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  1. Thanks very much for the kind words Göran! (And I must admit, I like the title!) 😉

    Also, I've been meaning to say that I have really been enjoying HTBS–the celebration of the rich history of our sport, from coaches on horseback to the current (great) series on Jack Beresford is much appreciated! Thanks for all the work you put into it!



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