New News on ‘Rowing’

The world’s most famous treble, or triple, scull crew: Ernest Barry, Wally Kinnear and Harry Blackstaffe.

Yesterday, Rowing News arrived in my mailbox, or that is, the “new” magazine from the people behind the old Rowing News, now simplified to just Rowing. The magazine has got a new, nice, readable lay-out – except the section called “Training” which has so many different fonts, and sizes and colours that they make your head spin. ‘Doctor Rowing’ – Andy Anderson – is still having his column, thank god. In this issue he is telling the story of some American “triple sculls” (in England also called treble scull). Rowing legend Frank Cunningham in Seattle built one out of an old Pocock coxed pair, then Susan Kinne, from Cunningham’s club, came along and built three more.

“Well, dear readers”, Andy writes, “triples are alive and well.” And Kinne makes a good point, saying that this boat type is great to have when someone doesn’t show up, or if two experienced scullers would like to take a beginner for an outing.

HTBS’s friend Bryan Kitch, at Rowing Related, is still writing for the magazine, and this time he has a well-written and well-researched article called “America’s Best Rowing Towns”. It doesn’t have that many surprises, though, it’s Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Richmond, Oklahoma City, and a few more.

Thumbs up – all around!

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