Pay The Rowing Journalists The Big Bucks!

On Wednesday, 25 July, BBC One in Great Britain and BBC America in the USA will broadcast the film Bert and Dickie (oddly called Going for Gold– The ’48 Games on BBC America). There has been a buzz about this film ever since it became known that Matt Smith (who plays Doctor Who) was going to be Bert Bushnell in the film. One of the latest interviews with Smith is found in the British TV magazine What’s on TV. Reading this article, I understand why rowing journalists and correspondents should be paid the big bucks, as they say here in America. (Well, they are not…)

Why, do you ask? Because a rowing journalist would not ask, or spell, a question like this: “How did you get on with the specially designed, two-man skull rowing boats?”

If you still would like to read the interview, you will find it here.

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