HTBS Literary Supplement

Tim Koch writes,

HTBS reviews many different types of rowing literature, everything from instruction manuals to historical research, from children’s stories to biographies, from poetry to prose. It has, however, been remiss in exploring the world of what the British call ‘the bonkbuster’* – until now.

This month saw the publication of Cox by ‘Kate Lace’.

The publishers, Arrow Books, say:

Sex, glamour and sporting prowess…what more could a girl want?! Cox is a fun, sexy and fast-paced novel about what really goes on behind the scenes of one of Britain’s most successful Olympic sports…

Meet the members of St George’s Boat Club:
Dan – dark and brooding, he has to work day and night to achieve his dream of rowing in the London Olympics.
Rollo – rich and arrogant, when he’s not rowing he spends his time seducing women and spending money.
Amy – a brilliant cox who catches the eye of both Dan and Rollo.

In a boat Dan and Rollo row perfectly together, but on land they despise each other. So with the addition of Amy to the mix, sporting behavior is the last thing on their mind.

May the best man win? Not a chance.

From Henley Regatta to the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race, and finally to the biggest race of their lives, their determination to settle old scores threatens to capsize everyone’s plans.

The Times Literary Supplement has yet to review Cox but here are some other evaluations:

‘Sexy and fun, this addictive book will keep a smile on your face all day…… oar-some!’ Fabulous Magazine.

‘This fun, steamy story is a perfect read in the lead up to the Games’. Closer Magazine.

‘Just the right amount of posh and sex to make it a worthy bonkbuster…’  Heat Magazine.

 The late lamented ‘Tideway Slug’ parodied this sort of thing a long time ago – assuming that you can parody the already ridiculous.

*(bonkbuster: (slang) a popular novel involving frequent explicit sexual encounters, normally in a contemporary setting. Wiktionary.)

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