Rowing & Regatta Goes Digital

Maurice Phelps’s book will soon be out.

The June/July issue of Rowing & Regatta arrived in the mail today, and editor Wendy Kewley and her contributors have done it again, managed to pack this double issue with loads of interesting and well-written articles – Bravo! Of course, it’s a British rowing magazine, so a June/July issue of 2012 should be filled with previews of the regatta in Henley and the Olympic rowing regatta. But there is also interesting pieces about gig rowing (the World Pilot Gig Championships on the Scilly Isles), surfboat rowing, World Cup rowing, International Adaptive Regatta in Italy, an interview with Maureen Thomson, who was the team leader for the British women’s squad at the Olympic Games in Moscow, questions & answers with Olympic champion Sir Steve, ‘Skiffing’, Master rowing, and …. well, the list goes on and on. For those interested in rowing history, R&R offers two well-written pieces about ‘The Kettering Four’ and the River and Rowing Museum’s latest exhibit on historian Tom Weil’s collection of rowing prizes, written by himself.

It was, however, a short little blurb about a soon to be published book that really caught my eye: Maurice Phelps’s book on his famous family and ancestors, The Phelps Dynasty. The book is not out as of yet, but Tim Koch wrote about Maurice Phelps’s hard work with his book already on 1 November, 2011. More about the book is to come in the August issue of R&R, Kewley promise. She also writes that R&R now is available online and that you as a British Rowing member can opt-in to a digital version of the magazine for only £3, non-members pay £24.99. Go to for more details.

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