Row And Be Happy!

To continue where we left off on Sunday, when HTBS posted a piece about the article in the ESPN Magazine on the Yale women and Title IX: another magazine also has a piece about rowing this month. It is the men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine Details, which is writing that rowing is the new spinning. Time to dust off the rowing machines (you know, what rowers call ergs), which are standing in the corners of the gyms, get your buttocks down on the seat (your ‘butt’ if you are in America) and start pulling. No, no, no, wait….

Now, when rowing on a machine (I would like to point out that I am not writing ‘erging’) is in a lifestyle American magazine and sort of moved into high-class, expensive gyms you have to take a special class from a ‘rowing instructor’ who will tell you, not so much about the right technique on the machine, but instead how happy you should be getting rid of all those extra calories. You will get the hang of it in the following video:

I cannot really remember my rowing coach ever looking that excited when we boys were laboring on the machines at my Swedish club…

Back to the magazine Details, the article gives you the addresses to some high-class gyms in Los Angeles, Hoboken (New Jersey), Chicago, Boston (Equinox has gyms all over the place), Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Austin. It also describes the right rowing technique in quick three-step notes. If you would like to join a rowing club or programme, the magazine also lists six clubs in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York City, and Philadelphia. (Although, one minus in my book is that the publication is calling rowing ‘crew’ and shows a fellow resting in a single scull.) But if you would like to do it on your own Details actually has some good useful tips from Bill Manning, associate head coach at Harvard. (One big plus in my book for that.)

Sorry, I cannot find the article in Details on the magazine’s website. It might show up later, who knows…?

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