Grand Rowing Events In Mystic This Weekend

This is just a little reminder about the big rowing events that is going on in Mystic, Connecticut, today and tomorrow, Saturday. This evening, starting at 5:30 p.m., is the cocktail reception in memory of Hart Perry. This is a fund-raising event and the proceeds from this event will be used for projects related to rowing history and the National Rowing Hall of Fame and rowing exhibits. To raise money there is a silent auction where Hart Perry’s old dinghy (see picture above) will be the main object. However, the last couple of weeks have also seen other rowing objects coming in, so there will be rowing books, posters, prints, and other rowing memorabilia to be auctioned off as well. Tickets for this event is $100.

Tomorrow, Saturday, during the day, the Rowing History Forum will take place, and in the evening there is going to be a grand banquet to honour the 2012 Rowing Hall of Famers.

Read more about all these three events here.

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