New Book: Ethics And Sport In Europe

Writing an article for her French newspaper Quest-France, HTBS’s Hélène Rémond met Pr. Dominique Bodin, a sociologist who is the director of VIPS laboratory (Violence, Identity, Politics and Sport), she writes in an e-mail. Hélène continues,

He is co-author of a new book published by The Council of Europe Publishing. Entitled Ethics and Sport in Europe, the book could be interesting to HTBS readers, all the more as it has an English edition. Even though it is not dedicated to rowing, it tackles the historical and philosophical context of ethics in sport, as well as the new challenges to ethics in sport. It’s full of sociological, philosophical, and psychological reflections. The authors are two researchers from Rennes where an international conference was held in 2009. The book contains its proceedings. “Defending ethics in sport is vital in order to combat the problems of corruption, violence, drugs, extremism and other forms of discrimination it is currently facing. Sport reflects nothing more and nothing less than the societies in which it takes place. However, if sport is to continue to bring benefits for individuals and societies, it cannot afford to neglect its ethical values or ignore these scourges”, reads the synopsis.

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