A Good Oar!

If you happen to have £830 to spare and you would like to get yourself a nice piece of rowing history to put on your wall, I have found something for you! On eBay, the British site, is right now a rowing trophy which truly belongs in a museum: a decorated commemorative oar blade from the Head of the River Race in 1912, winner New College, Oxford. It is Bob Bourne’s famous eight with Gillespie, Burdekin, Wiggins, Pitman, Littlejohn, and the others who also took an Olympic silver medal in Stockholm that year. Some of the oarsmen also rowed in the victorious Blue boat that beat Cambridge for the fourth running year (with Bourne at stroke!).

The auction, which is a ‘buy it now’ item, ends on 2 November, so hurry, hurry….. To go to the item, click here.

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