More About The Hot List!

It seems like Megan Kalmoe’s LIST, which HTBS wrote about on 11 October, has made quite a stir, not only in the rowing world. It was earlier this month, Megan, a member of the US National Team, published a list of Rowing’s 20 Hottest Male Athletes on her blog. I was happy to report that the Swedish oarsman Lassi Karonen, not only made the LIST, but actually landed on top of it!

In a Row2k interview on 17 October, Megan tells the story behind the LIST – an entertaining read. Of course, many male readers of Megan’s LIST, including yours truly, have been wondering where the list of Rowing’s 20 Hottest Female Athletes was to be found? In the interview on Row2k, Megan mentions that the Canadian rower Rares Crisan already last year published a female list on his blog, Rares Rhythm. Unfortunately, it comes without illustrations, which is a shame. However, there is a link to No. 7, Susan Francia, USA – don’t click on that link if you have a weak heart! You will find Crisan’s list here.

On the female list I was not surprised to find the Swedish twin sisters Sara and Lena Karlsson. The photograph on top shows Sara Karlsson sculling in her Hudson; it will give you an idea why Sara and her sister ended up on Crisan’s list, on fourth place. On third place was the Swiss rower Olivia Wyss, seen on the right.

This is, though, a list from last year. How about a 2011 list – anyone?

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