Turkish Rowing Film On Czech Blog

How is your Czech? Mine is non-existent. Not that it really matters, because the Czech rowing blog Remigatio also has interesting posts in English. A post on 15 October, 2011, is about a ‘rowing’ film I have never heard of, Başka Dilde Aşk [“Love in Another Language”], a Turkish film from 2009 by the female director İlksen Başarır (seen on the right).

Here is the Turkish film trailer (with some rowing scenes):

The whole film is available on YouTube, but only in Turkish. However, I was curious and fast-forwarded through the film to find the rowing scenes in the movie; click here to go to the film. In the entry on Remigatio it is said that it differs from many other ‘rowing’ films in that the actor, who is playing the lead role and is the sculler in the film, Mert Firat, actually knows how to row, and I heartily agree, it looks like he knows what he is doing, which can not be said about some other ‘rowing’ actors.

From now on you will find the blog Remigatio on the right under ‘Good Rowing Links’.

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  1. As much as I like watching films in their original version, it would be quite handy to at least have the subtitles in a language I can understand.

    If I can find a Turkish translator who can translate it into English, I will consider watching it!

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