Well Done, "Rowing News"!

Yes, I have to confess that earlier on HTBS I have been complaining about the magazine Rowing News. Even whining a little, I guess, for example here and here.

That is why I now would like to write that I was pleasantly surprised when I received the current issue (October 2011) of Rowing News two days ago. Here was an issue to my liking: Bryan Kitch of the eminent blog, Rowing Related, has several well-written and good articles about the World Championships in Bled (this article is actually a preview of the Championships which ended on 4 September), a new tri-state rowing club in New York, the under-23 Worlds on Bosbaan, and Rob Waddell. It seems that Kitch has established himself within the American rowing writing world – good for him, as they say on this side of the pond.

Alessandra Bianchi has an interesting article, “Hearts and Minds”, how to coach ‘clueless, carefree teenagers’. Now, this is one example of the type of article that I have complained the magazine has been lacking: articles and pieces about those who row – please observe everyone, I am not using the word ‘crew’ here – on a lower, grass roots level, meaning not an elite level (they might one day, but that is not what the article is about).

Finally, the always-reliable Andy Anderson, who never fails to write interesting and entertaining articles, has a nice piece about great international coaches of all time, “The Innovators”. The coaches Anderson writes about are: Thor Nilsen, Steve Fairbairn, Karl Adam, Rusty Robertson, Harry Mahon, Mike Spracklen, Al Morrow, Dick Tonks, Theo Körner, Jürgen Gröbler, Jutta Lau, and Nicolae Gioga.

Good show, Rowing News!


  1. Goran: As the late House Speaker Sam Rayburn used to say, “If you have to eat crow, eat it while it's hot.” It's nice to be proven wrong — every once in a while. Cheers, Bill Lanouette

  2. Bill, I agree with you. It also proves another thing: it is not for the sake of the ‘whining’ that I am complaining, it’s because I believe that someone is wrong, or can improve, or just do better. If they do, I am willing to apologise, or give a ‘Bravo’. All this being said, I can do better, too!

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