Bert And Dickie On The Water

The filming of Bert and Dickie has started. Yesterday, the Daily Mail showed photographs of Bert and Dickie, well, the actors playing them, Matt Smith (Bert Bushnell) and Sam Hoare (Dickie Burnell) out on the water. It looked a little cold, I think. The journalist that wrote the article, Georgina Littlejohn – is she aware that an ancestor of hers, Charles William Littlejohn, rowed in two winning Oxford crews in the Boat Race in 1911 and 1912, and took an Olympic silver medal in the eights in Stockholm in 1912? – has obviously been reading HTBS! Some of the things that I wrote was ‘recycled’ in her article, for example what Sue Bushnell, Bert’s daughter, told the HTBS’s readers the other day. Not any new information about the film in Ms. Littlejohn’s article, but very interesting photographs! Just look how similar Matt Smith is to Bert Bushnell!

Read/look at the Daily Mail’s article here.

Here are the HTBS articles about the film, Bert and Dickie, so far:

10 August, Bert and Dickie Make the Small Screen
12 August, Bert and Dickie – Take Two!

There has also been a lot of ‘activities’ around the other posts about Bert Bushnell, who died in January 2010. And that is nice, that is what HTBS is here for, to educate and entertain!

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