Checking Off The List For HRR

Here at HTBS, we are getting ready to visit the Henley Royal Regatta. This year the regatta runs between 29 June to 3 July. So, do I have everything I need for this great social and sport event? Let’s see: blazer – check; a couple of white shirts and some other coloured shirts – check; ties: yes, I will brings some of my favourites – check; trousers: yes, my white coloured will do, and then maybe two pairs of the off-white – check; straw hat: now, there’s a problem, my favourit one has a big crack in it, and my old boater vanished at a party, my current one is not appropriate for Henley Royal… so, time to buy a new one; I will have the time to buy one in London, or even buy one in Sweden, where I will be staying for a week before I go to London and Henley-on-Thames – no check; socks: of course, I never wear shoes without socks, I don’t care what the fashion states – check; shoes: now, there is another snag, the brown shoes I bought the other day need to be broken in, so that pair will probably be good for Henley Royal 2012, I will have to come up with something; camera, do I need a camera? Well, maybe, however, I will meet up with fellow HTBS-arians Hélène Rémond and Tim Koch, and my dear friend Per Ekström, Editor-in-Chief of the Swedish rowing magazine, will be there, maybe they will bring a camera? (I would hate to spill Pimm’s on my wife’s camera…) – so, don’t check that one off yet; anything else? Well, luckily there are a few days left before the flight leaves for Europe…


  1. Myself and she who must be obeyed will be there on Wednesday. After that I may go again and meet up with friends from my old club. Weather is downright dismal at the minute. Hopefully it will pickup for the regatta. Have a great trip.

    Greg Denieffe

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