Buy Rowing Stuff!

Now and then, we look for something special to buy that has to do with rowing: new sculls, a fancy rowing tie, a new rowing book, a new rowing kit, etc. To help you out, I have added a new feature on the right, Buy Rowing Stuff, with links to different companies that are selling ‘stuff’ for rowers. More companies will be added after time. I would like to mention that none of these companies have in any way paid me or given me ‘stuff’ to be listed here. I have no association with any of them, and I will in no way take any responsibility for ‘faulty’ merchandise.


  1. For ages, I have been looking for a cap with a short visor rather than the long baseball-cap visor. The long visor is a menace in high winds and baseball caps are for dorks anyway. Traditional cricket caps are too heavy and hot. Anyone know where I can get a baseball cap that looks like a rowing cap?

  2. I am sorry Chris, although I understand what kind of cap you are looking for, I am not able to point you in the right direction. When I was a young man, rowing in Sweden, an old club member gave me his rowing cap which he once had bought in Germany in the beginning of the 1950s. It was made of a very light material and had a short visor. Sadly, I rather quickly grew out of the cap, and it is now somewhere in my mother's flat in Sweden.

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