The Olympic Regatta 2012

Tim Koch would like us to go to England in 2012. In an e-mail, he writes:

Applications for Olympic Games tickets, including the ones for rowing will be accepted between 15 March and 26 April 2011. Only use the official website, click here to get there. There is no advantage to submitting your application on the first day or the last day as, for sessions where demand exceeds supply, a ballot will be used to ensure fair allocation of tickets. If you are not a resident of the UK or one of the designated European countries you will be required to apply for tickets via your local National Olympic Committee.

The rowing will take place at Eton School’s Dorney Lake which is near Windsor, 20 miles west of London. It was declared ready to host the event in May 2010.

The Olympic Regatta will be held between 28th July and 4th August. Five hundred and fifty rowers and scullers will compete in fourteen events. The timetable for the rowing events is here.

The finals are on the 1st to 4th August:

1st August: M8+, W2-, W4x
2nd August: M Lwt. 4-, M 2x, W 8+
3rd August: M 2-, M 1x, M 4x, W 2x
4th August: M 4-, M Lwt. 2x, W 1x, W Lwt. 2x

Of course, I think this is a brilliant idea, to go to London, well, that is Dorney Lake, in 2012. Right now, I cannot promise that I will be there, I am taking one regatta at the time, aiming for Henley Royal this summer.

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