Larry Gluckman Honored At Power Ten

I received an e-mail today from Evan Corcoran. He wondered if the readers of HTBS might have any interest of what happened at the Power Ten’s annual black tie meeting on 20 January where Coach Larry Gluckman (on the right) was honored. Here is Evan’s report:

The crowd of 250 included rowers from many different schools, with a strong showing from Trinity, where Larry also coached. Princeton was well represented. Michael Vatis was there. Other Princeton notables included Doug Burden, Chris Ahrens, Phil Jacobs, Coach Greg Hughes, Coach Dan Roock, Coach Joe Murtaugh, Juan Sabater, Tim Wray, and Paul Caminiti. David Huntington and Marty Crotty ran the show. I have surely missed others. It was not only the tallest crowd I have seen, but also the most spirited. Catcalls and dinner rolls flew, as the speakers soldiered on.

You will be pleased to know, however, that Larry received an ovation. His remarks focused on how the rowing community is a small world. The evening proved him right.

At the close of the night, a man approached who informed me that he had rowed in Navy’s 1985 boat. He wanted to talk about the IRA finals: how we had to race at 6:00 am and how his boat was leading at 750 meters when a wake from a media launch stopped them dead in the water. I found it refreshing that for decades Princeton rowers have had to wake up before dawn to race in the chop in Annapolis, yet this would be his complaint.

The second person was a well-mannered Brit who rowed in the Grand at Henley in 1985, for the University of London Boat Club. He was in the boat that we overtook on the grandstand stretch in the semi-final. He also sat in my same seat. He told me that their crew felt confident going into the race, because they had beaten the U.S. pre-elite team in the quarter-final. (A team that went on to win a silver a week later in Lucerne). He also told me something I had not known: there were six Olympians in his boat. “You surprised us,” he said.

Attached are my remarks from the evening, for those unable to attend the evening, please find my remarks here.

With best regards, M. Evan Corcoran

My warmest thanks to Evan for his nice report!

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