An Ad With Rowing History

Tim Koch writes from London about the above advertisement, that it‘s a “reminder that there was a time (1962) when you could associate rowing and smoking. It shows the old Maidenhead Rowing Club. They have since rebuilt on the other side of the river (and given up smoking). “

The ad is for “the outstanding cigarette of the day” Senior Service, launched in Great Britain in 1925, which was named after the nickname of the Royal Navy. What I find interesting with this ad is that it gives you some rowing history facts of British rowing. Among other things you can read:

“The first race on record is that for Doggett’s Coat and Badge in 1715 from London Bridge to Chelsea, and Dr. Johnson in a letter to Mrs. Thrale refers to a regatta at Vauxhall in 1775. 1829 saw the first ‘boat race’ and in 1839 the first Henley Royal Regatta – now a sparkling social occasion and magnet to the world’s crews. Certainly a more beautiful setting for it would be hard to find.”

Of course, the regatta in Henley-on-Thames became ‘royal’ first in 1851!

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