Boyne On Shooting ‘The Social Network’ 1

Dan Boyne, Coach of Recreational Sculling at Harvard University and author of the acclaimed rowing books Essential Sculling, The Red Rose Crew, and Kelly: A Father, A Son, An American Quest, was involved in the research work for suitable rowing locations to shot for the movie The Social Network that opened on last Friday. In an article published on Row2k, he writes, “Woven into the film are three scenes that will delight oarsmen and non-oarsmen alike. The clips are beautifully staged, including a Harvard varsity pairs practice on the Charles River in the late fall; an indoor tanks scene; and a Henley racing scene between Harvard and the Dutch National Team, circa. 2003.”

To read Part 1 of the article, please click here.

Above photograph is showing Dan Boyne (on the right) talking to another rowing historian, Peter Mallory, at the Rowing History Forum, held at Mystic Seaport Museum in March 2008.

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