Babes Rowing On A Roof Top

It is the 1930s and let’s pretend that you are going to make a one-minute newsreel.

What should it be about? Well, let’s see, what do we have? Girls? Yes, yes, brilliant idea, many beautiful girls that’s good. We can borrow some from Broadway. Okay, good. And we need a little band playing sort of in the background, or on the side of the babes. What are we going to have them do? The band is going to play, of course, let’s see… how about bass, guitar, and violin? Violin? Okay, okay, that’s fine. But what are the girls going to do? How about some physical activity, you know, so they are moving and not only standing still? That’s a thought… How about something funny, or even a little silly? Funny, silly? Okay, funny and silly is good. And where are they going to do this funny, silly thing? Well, this is New York, so how about on a roof top with the New York skyscrapers in the background? Very good, very good, indeed, but we have yet to come up with what the girls are going to do, you know the physical activity. It has to be something interesting. Hmm, something interesting… and funny and silly, hmm…

I got it! I know what the girls can do – ROW! What do you mean, row, they are on a roof top, remember…? I know, I know, but nowadays you can row on dry land! On dry land, are you crazy? No, no, they can row on a rowing machine, see! Okay, rowing machine, hey, I like that idea, twenty Broadway babes on rowing machines on a roof top with the New York skyscrapers in the background, not bad, not bad at all. And it is, well… interesting, and for sure funny and silly…

We could only get nineteen girls, so I throw in a muscular guy in the front. Okay? A guy in the front? Okay, then. By the way, is there still a fellow playing violin in the band? Yes! Okay, a guy in the front and a guy playing violin, and rowing babes? Okay, let’s shoot this thing…

You will find the final result by clicking on the picture below.


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