Rowing In The Sun

I never thought that I was going to quote or link something about rowing from the British paper The Sun (you know the tabloid, which is mostly in for pictures of half naked girls), but when Rachel Quarrell of the eminent Rowing Service in late July wrote about an article in The Sun about a new music video by the group Take That, I guess I can tag along and do it, too. Well, why don’t I make it easy for myself and just quote Quarrell, who writes, “Take That update – the filming was done on the Staines reach of the Thames, up near Runnymede Bridge (UK). Carl Douglas converted a couple of bowloader 4+ shells into 5x/- shells for them to use, and the Take That one was pushed along by the camera boat to get to speed. The other crew was a bunch of Leander guys, and the special Take That kit was made by Godfrey Rowsports. Stand-in lookalikes rowed the boat for some of the longer shots. And a mixed 2x from Staines were on the water at the same time, and thinks they’re in the video (you’ll be lucky, it’s amazing how tight cameras can focus in when they want).”

If you would like to read the ‘article’ and see the photographs in The Sun, please click here (this will not take you to Page 3!).

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