Following A Strong Tradition

It is a small world, the rowing world, Hélène writes from Henley. When she was taking some photographs from a bridge, she happened to bump into Tim Koch. “It was,” she writes “a really nice moment.”

And here follows Hélène’s second report from Henley Royal: “This morning, the road was not as smooth as yesterday. The bus had difficulties entering the town. After a few light showers in the morning, the sky has left the place for the sun. As I dread the rain during the regatta, everything goes smoothly in the end. Members of the most ancient boat club were happy to strike the pause for me. I loved their red blazers, just like the ones with checkers and stripes.

Today, Princess Anne visited the HRR. She arrived by helicopter and then embarked on a royal barge to have lunch at the Stewards’ Enclosure, a member of the HRR’s Stewards told me. French spectators I met from the south of France told me they found it amazing, this solemn atmosphere, the strong tradition really impressed them.

Matthew Pinsent (above on the left) was here today, too. I was surprised since he kindly waved as I was smiling after I took the photograph of the boat he was in.

I was interested in interviewing the French rowers to have their impression on the event. Dorian Mortelette, Jean-Baptiste Macquet, Julien Després and Germain Chardin have won their race. Henley Royal Regatta means high sporting performance and a strong tradition, of course.”


  1. Hi Helene,

    I'm in the photo of the red blazers, great shot, and love the blog! Any chance you could send me a copy of the photo to hc349(at) ?


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