John Gardner’s Legacy

This past weekend Mystic Seaport Museum held the John Gardner Small Craft Workshop. From across the Mystic River I could see all kinds of different rowing boats, small sailboats, kayaks, and canoes on the water for this nice get-together. Unfortunately, I was not able to participate, and when I finally arrived to the museum, late Saturday afternoon, all the boating activities had ended. However, I still managed to take a couple of photographs.

The John Gardner Small Craft Workshop is always held the first weekend in June at Mystic Seaport Museum. Participants are encouraged to bring their watercraft, and share it with the other partakers in the workshop, which more or less means that you can be out on the water rowing, paddling, sailing all day long for two days, for the very low registration fee of $20/adult, or museum member $15/adult (fees for 2010).

The Small Craft Workshop is named after the famous American boat builder and writer John Gardner, who came to Mystic Seaport Museum to start a small watercraft programme in 1969. He stayed at the museum till he died in 1995, 90 years old. He published several books on boat design and his books are still in print, and boat plans of his crafts can be bought from the museum’s Collection & Research Center.

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