2010 Harvard – Yale Boat Race

On Saturday 29 May, it is time for the 145th boat race between Yale and Harvard on the Thames River in Connecticut. Last year’s races ended up with a clean sweep for Harvard, who has won nine of the ten last races in the varsity boat. It was the 40th win for Harvard’s Head Coach Harry Parker. Last year’s races were rowed downstream with the finish line just under the Gold Star Memorial Bridge, where mostly Yale fans had gathered. I have had a hard time trying to find information about the races on 29 May, as both Harvard and Yale, as of yet, have not published much information on their web sites about what times the races are going to be held, or if they are going up or down the river. However, the May/June issue of the Harvard Magazine has an article about Red Top, Harvard’s boat house by the Thames River.

For the 2008 races, I was actually invited for the Boat Race Luncheon at The Lighthouse Inn in New London. Both Harry Parker, coach for Harvard, and John Pescatore, Yale’s heavy men’s coach, gave some short speeches about how they thought the races were going to end up. It was also at this nice occasion the draws were made for which crews were going to row on the New London or Groton side of the river. Having a special invitation, my family and I watched the races from Red Top. I would like to mention that my dear wife was a very good sport about it, as her family is full of old Yalies.

Let us see if any of the three crews from Yale can claim a trophy on 29 May!

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