Guinness’s Rowing Ads

Regarding my entry about Brakspear‘s Henley Ale on 20 March, one of my blogs loyal readers and contributors, Hélène Rémond, writes in a comment, that “Guinness has also used rowing images to advertise its brand. I have found two Guinness ads published in the British Rowing Almanack in 1953 and 1954, which read ‘Have a glass of Guinness when you’re tired’ and ‘Lovely day for a Guinness’. One features a sculler which would regain his strength by drinking a pint and the other infers that Guinness suits the rower who wants to take the lead. The mascot of the brand, the toucan, acts as cox of the crew. A third one appeared in a document published in 1981 by the London Rowing Club celebrating its 125 years of rowing with the following caption : ‘Row of Guinness’, reminiscent of the blades slicing the water in harmony.” Great contributions, Hélène, many thanks!

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