‘In this month’ in R&R

On 16 August, I had an entry about how I got an article published in ARA’s fine magazine Rowing & Regatta, the August/September issue. I finished off the entry by writing that it might be the beginning of something more: well it was! In the latest issue of the magazine, No. 38 October, I have my first piece of the history column “In this month…”, which is for October 1930, when Bert Barry met Ted Phelps for the World Professional Sculling Championship title on the Championship course between Putney and Mortlake.

The editor, Ms. Wendy Kewley, also very kindly asked me a couple of questions for the piece ‘Featured contributor’, which the Rowing & Regatta has in every issue. It came out very nicely, if I may say so myself. However, the photograph of yours truly, well, let’s just say that I never come out good in any picture. It is as my dear old mother always says about being photographed: ‘Either it comes out well, or you just look like yourself’!

After all, there is a reason why there is an old drawing of a chap in a single scull up in the right hand corner of this page instead of a photograph…

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