RIP Raquel Welch

The Lady with the Whip – Raquel Welch.

16 February 2023

By Göran R Buckhorn

Actress Raquel Welch died yesterday at age 82.

No, Welch was not a rower, but some readers might remember that I wrote about her in my article about the cult film The Magic Christian (18 April 2020). The film stars Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr, and there are many well-known actors in the film, including Welch playing the Priestess of the Whip trying to make some topless “slave girls” row.

The Magic Christian (released in the UK in December 1969 and in the USA in February 1970) is a rowing movie of sorts, as there are several scenes from the Boat Race. In my 2020 article about the film, I wrote about to “two authentic Boat Race characters”:

John Snagge is playing a TV commentator – or just himself. Snagge, who was a BBC commentator at the Boat Race between 1931 and 1980, wears his faded Leander cap, while the race umpire is played by Oxford’s Jumbo Edwards. Both Snagge and Edwards have several close-up scenes during the almost six minutes the rowing is on. I’m sure that devoted Boat Race historians can spot other real-life Oxbridge people in the film.

A lot of readers found their way to the article in 2020, and for Raquel Welch sake, you will find it here.

Jo Raquel Welch (née Tejada), born 5 September 1940; died 15 February 2023.


  1. I do need to include Jumbo’s cameo in his biography that I am writing… I am sure that it was a highlight of Raquel’s career!

  2. Mary Bush wrote an email that will probably interest many of the HTBS readers and fans of Raquel Welsh:

    Hi Göran,

    While she wasn’t a rower, Raquel Welch was a very strong swimmer. My aunt was on the high school swim team with Raquel at La Jolla High in San Diego, CA. And, my aunt, mother, grandmother, and I were/are all rowers at ZLAC Rowing Club in San Diego, CA. I’d venture to guess those circles of friendships were tight enough that Raquel may have given rowing a try once or twice, beyond being a “slave girl.” Not that you needed to connect her to rowing but she may have been closer to rowing in real life than you may have realized.

    Thanks for another great article!

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