200 Years of Brasenose College Rowing

12 January 2023

By Göran R Buckhorn

At HTBS we are always happy to report that a new rowing book has hit the bookshops (or will soon be published). However, for this book, we are not only happy, we are also extremely proud, as it is written by one of our own, William O’Chee.

William, who lives down under, a former soldier and Australian Senator, is a rowing historian who has specialised in Oxford’s Brasenose College Boat Club’s history. He studied at Brasenose, where he also coxed.

HTBS writer and book author, William O’Chee, at Henley Royal Regatta in 2019. Photo: Tim Koch

In The Pinnacle of Fame: 200 Years with the World’s Oldest Competitive Rowing Club, you will find the first 200 years of BNCBC history. The book is sold by the Bowman Fund, which, it says on its website, has the long-term financial goal to “build an endowment fund that will be sufficient to guarantee financial security and independence for BNCBC in perpetuity.”

The Pinnacle of Fame will be 656 pages, including 16 pages of colour plates, from the boat club’s founding in 1815 through to its 200th anniversary. This hard cover, limited edition will be numbered and the publisher, Vision Sports Publishing, offers advance copies.

The Pinnacle of Fame is scheduled to be printed in April 2023 and those who pre-order the book will receive it directly from the publisher in May 2023.

For a limited time, there is an offer for those who pre-order to have their name listed as a supporter in the book.

The price is £100 and includes postage to any address world-wide, and all profits from the book’s publication will go directly to Brasenose College Boat Club. (If you are able to collect your copy of the book at Brasenose College, Oxford, more of the profits will benefit BNCBC.)

In the unlikely event that the Bowman Fund has not received enough pre-order sales to cover the publication costs, they will contact you about arranging a refund.

To order your copy, please go here (where you will be able to enter your name as you want it printed in the book).

If you have any questions about the order process, please email trustees [at] thebowmanfund [dot] org.

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