On Winning and Losing

Paul O’Donovan. Photo: Tim Koch

11 November 2022

By Leo Gibson

There are but just a few
who can lay claim to win them all
but now and then we see a Paul
arise from Skibb and show us all.

The rest of us can just make do
with wins from here and there;
It may be one from six or just from two
But these alone should just suffice
To make us glad that into boats
That we did go and
grind out Winter’s grip of ice,
Or muse upon that nice kind gent
who did the erg invent.

But when that one last time,
We do our oars leave on that rack
We can look back and know that
just to row and not win much
has made good men and girls of us
with friends for life we won’t lose touch.

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