Under 19 and Under 23 Championships Start Today

The Under 19 and Under 23 Championships will start today at Varese, Italy. Photo: Marie Barge.

25 July 2022

Some of the world’s best male and female Under 19 and Under 23 rowers have gathered to start racing today at Lago di Varese in Italy.

Normally, the World Rowing Under 19 and Under 23 championships are two regattas but for 2022 the events have been joined into one. World Rowing reports that the organisation has received entries from 1,452 athletes coming from 61 nations. There will be a total of 36 boat classes, 14 for the Under 19 and 22 for the Under 23 racing between 25 and 31 July.

Italy, racing on home waters, has boats in every boat class. France and Germany also have a large number of entries. These championships will also see crews from Argentina, Azerbaijan, Paraguay, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand and the Republic of Vanuatu, the small island nation in the South Pacific Ocean.

The largest boat class is the Under 23 men’s single sculls with top scullers from 27 countries. In the Under 23 women’s single sculls, 24 nations have sent in entries.

For the Under 19 championships, USA has crews in every boat class. The Under 19 men’s eights can be a real thriller with crews from Australia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and the USA. World Rowing has published articles about rowers to pay special attention to in the Under 19 championships and in the Under 23 championships.

Varese has by organised several championships, the latest one was the 2021 European Championships. The Italian town will also be host for the 2023 World Rowing Cup II.

For entries for the 2022 World Rowing Under 23 Championships, click here.

For entries for the 2022 World Rowing Under 19 Championships, click here.

How to follow the races, go here.

For the timetable, full race reports, live race tracker and commentary, live blog and live video streaming please go to www.worldrowing.com

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