Henley 2022: Some Final Views

Oxford Brookes, winners of the Prince Albert, attempt a group hug (the cox is in there somewhere).

13 July 2022

By Tim Koch

In his last piece on the 171st Henley Royal Regatta, Tim Koch posts some of his pictures that did not make it into any of his daily regatta reports but that are still worth seeing.

In the Sunday final of the Wyfold, NSR Oslo have ten strokes left while Thames is already celebrating on the winning line.
Pictured on Friday, Oliver Zeidler shows why he was the favourite to win the Diamond Sculls.
The remarkable Hinksey Sculling School beating Tideway Scullers in a heat of the Britannia on Wednesday.
Here they come! Two of Sunday’s spectators.
Heese and Liu of the Texas Rowing Center, USA, in the Double Sculls on Friday.
Brookes returning from winning the Prince Albert.
Kara Kohler of the Texas Rowing Center showing why you should Not Mess With Texas.
Headington School boat for their race against Winter Park, USA, in the Prince Philip on Thursday.
Thames and Leander in their Visitors’ race against Nottingham University on Wednesday.
Fulham Reach pictured after their race against Thames in the Wyfold on Tuesday.
St Paul’s and Radley in the final of the Princess Elizabeth.
The Yale cox pushes off for the final against her countrywomen from Brown in the Island. 
Tideway Scullers and Thames in Saturday’s semi-final of the Wargrave.
Australia’s entry in the Town boat for their race against Leander on Friday.
Buriak of Ukraine and Kobus-Zawojska of Poland in a heat of the Stonor on Saturday.
Some of Sunday’s spectators. 
Yale in Sunday’s final of the Island.
St Catherine’s School, Australia, winners of the Prince Philip, after a victory dip in the Thames.
Davison of California RC, USA, passing the Progress Board in a heat of Thursday’s Diamonds.
Two determined spectators sit out Thursday’s downpour. 

If you have missed any of the HTBS articles about the 2022 Henley Royal Regatta, you will find them here.

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