Henley Women’s Regatta – Results

Photo: Henley Women’s Regatta Instagram

20 June 2022

The 2022 Henley Women’s Regatta (HWR) ended yesterday. There was a record number of entries this year. You will find the results for all the races below:

Academic 8+ The Colgan Foundation Cup – Results

Club 8+ The Copas Cup – Results

Aspirational 1x The Bernard Churcher Trophy – Results

Championship 2- The Redgrave Challenge Vase – Results

Aspirational 2x The Rosie Mayglothling Trophy – Results

Aspirational Lwt 1x The Fiona Dennis Trophy – Results

Championship Lwt 2x The Haslam Trophy – Results

Championship 8+ The Ron Needs Cup – Results

Championship 4- The Avril Vellacott Cup – Results

Academic 4- The Cathy Cruickshank Trophy – Results

Club 4- The Lester Trophy – Results

Aspirational 4x- The Chairman’s Trophy – Results

Championship 1x The George Innes Cup – Results

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