A Tideway Week Album: The Oxford Women

Putney, 7am – it’s rowing time. The Oxford women are based at the Imperial College boathouse, their rivals are housed next door at Thames.

31 March 2022

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch turns to the Dark Blue side.

Going afloat from the Putney Hard. At the crew announcement on 8 March, Annie Anezakis (with the smile) was presented as the stroke, but she has since been put at “7” as the boat is now stroked on bow side (starboard) by Erin Reelick – with everyone else moving accordingly.
Opposite Chiswick Eyot, the students get a tutorial from Coach Andy Nelder.
The 2022 Oxford Women’s Blue Boat Crew.
Joe Gellett (Cox) is a chemistry undergraduate aged 21 who learned to cox at Hampton School. Erin Reelick (Stroke) is 28, doing an MBA and was previously at Princeton. She has represented the USA at multiple World Championships winning Bronze and Gold medals. At “7”, the Australian Annie Anezakis, a 23-year-old Pharmacology postgraduate who rowed lightweight for Princeton for four years.
At “6”, 28-year-old medical student Anastasia Posner is a four-time Blue and a former GB international rower. In the last ten years, Oxford have only won with her onboard. Gabrielle Smith is at “5”, the 27-year-old was previously at McGill University, Canada, and was in the Canadian Double Scull in Tokyo.
In the “4” seat is Julia Lindsay, aged 25 and studying for a DPhil in Psychiatry. Previously at the University of British Columbia, she is a returning Blue from last year. Amelia Standing (“3”) is another young Old Blue having raced in 2019, 2020, 2021. The Engineering Science student is 23 and this year’s President. Christine Cavallo (“2”) was previously at Stanford and is doing a graduate course in Enterprise and the Environment. The 26-year-old is an experienced U.S. Lightweight international. In the bow is Anja Zehfuss, a veteran of last year’s race. She is 23, also came via Stanford and is doing an MPhil in Development Studies.
Head on.
Andy Nelder is in his second season as OUWBC Head Coach. He was Head Coach of the Oxford University Lightweights 2001 – 2006 and, during his time there, the club won the Lightweight Boat Race every year. He then became Assistant Coach at the OUBC where he worked with Sean Bowden for eleven years, winning the Isis v Goldie race nine times, including seven successive victories from 2011 to 2017.
Bow likes to regularly check that her oar is still there.
At Chiswick.
All square.
Anja Zehfuss takes a break.
Annie Anezakis refuels. 
Joe Gellett chills with Erin Reelick.
Nearly home.
Osiris, the Oxford Women’s Reserve Crew. The names are here.
Osiris square up.
At the press conference held at London Rowing Club, some of the Oxford women admire the 1956 painting of London RC by Cosmo Clark hanging in the Long Room.
On the London RC balcony, Oxford men’s coach, Sean Bowden (left) and women’s coach, Andy Nelder (right) are perhaps wondering what Sunday will bring – as are all HTBS Types.

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