My Heart Rocks Boats

20 March 2022

By Philip Kuepper

An aqua rim rings the rocks,
its delicate hue highlighting
the rock’s hardness, the rock’s face
like the face of a no-nonsense cop
come to keep order.

That is the relationship
between the two elements,
the flighty sea, the disciplined rocks.
It has always been that way,
and will always be so.

I am of both elements,
my heart, my mind,
between which my soul
acts as referee.

My heart rocks boats.
My mind anchors them;
my heart, an isle of passion,
my mind, solid land,
their back and forth, a comedy
neither one finds humor in.

I rock with the sea.
I anchor with the rocks,
working at my daily life, a craft
I learn as I go.

(25 November 2021)

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