And… Action!

Photo: Twitter

13 January 2022

By Göran R Buckhorn

World Rowing dropped a belated Christmas present on everyone’s lap yesterday, when the organisation updated its video library. You can now enjoy more than 1,000 hours of rowing entertainment on your digital devices.

World Rowing’s video library includes racing videos from all World Rowing’s events from the last decade. There are even some videos going back to 1991. This older part of the library will have more races added over time. The rowing categories are: elite, coastal, indoor, junior, under-19, under-23 and para rowing.

Sadly, there are no races from the Olympic Games as World Rowing does not have the broadcasting rights for those races – you still have to go to YouTube for the limited selection of those videos.

Besides the racing videos, on World Rowing’s library you will also find interviews, educational content and some other fun stuff.

World Rowing says that the video library will be regularly updated, especially during the world rowing season. Next up will be the 2022 World Rowing Indoor Championships in Hamburg, which, due to the pandemic, will be a digital event.

World Rowing will be featuring past video clips regularly through its social media channels.

The World Rowing library is here:

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