Let Slip the Dogs of Oar: The Cambridge Women’s Trial Eights

This year, the Cambridge Women’s trial crews were named Buzz and Woody after the dogs owned by their Chief Coach, Patrick Ryan.

8 January 2022

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch catches a passing glimpse of the Cambridge women’s trials.

The Cambridge Women’s trial race, due to be held on 21 December along with the men‘s, was delayed due to a case of COVID within the squad but finally took place on 6 January. Due to the rescheduling, there was no live stream or press boat but there were tweets from the umpire’s launch, and I managed to take a few pictures standing opposite Harrods.

Woody is in all blue on the left, Buzz has white tops on the right. The umpire is John Garrett who will also be in charge on race day.
Along Fulham Reach. According to the Tweets up to that point, Woody led off the start but was warned by the umpire. At Barn Elms, Woody was 1/2 length up and had extended this to “almost a length” at the Mile Post. Picture: @theboatrace
Passing Harrods.
Just past Harrods. This picture has no parallax error so clearly shows a canvas overlap with Woody leading.
A Tweet from the umpire’s launch said, “At Hammersmith, Buzz starting to close the gap. Woody warned again”.

Between Hammersmith and the finish, the Tweets read:

St. Paul’s: Woody ahead by 1/2 length.

End of the Eyot, Woody leads by a length. 

At Chiswick Pier, Woody holds their length but is told to move to Middlesex.

Woody moved to 1/2 length of open water over Buzz.

At Barnes, Woody maintains the lead but both crews are warned back to their stations.

A screenshot from the video of the finish. Picture: @theboatrace
Fist bumps between cox Dylan Whitaker (left) and cox Jasper Parish (right). 
New Zealand Olympians, Ruby Tew (left) and Grace Prendergast (right), pictured here last November, were put in separate boats. Picture: @graceprendergast.nz
Woody: The winners. Picture: @theboatrace
Buzz: Second place. Picture: @theboatrace


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