Results World Cup III in Sabaudia

Ilse Paulis (s) and Marieke Keijser (b), of the Netherlands, winners of the lightweight double sculls. Photo: World Rowing (Benedict Tufnell).

7 June 2021

By Göran R Buckhorn

Yesterday, World Cup III ended in Sabaudia, Italy. It was the last regatta before the Olympic rowing starts in Tokyo on 23 July.

Due to a tail wind, there was some fast times in Sabaudia. Marieke Keijser and Ilse Paulis, of the Netherlands, set a new World Best Time in the women’s lightweight double sculls. It is going to be interesting to see how the Dutch double will do in Tokyo.

Here are the results from the finals on Sunday.

Women’s Pair
Results: DEN, CRO, GBR2, GBR1, CZE, ITA1

Men’s Pair
Results: CRO1, GBR1, CRO2, ITA1, GER, GBR2

Women’s Double Sculls
Results: NED, GER1, ITA2, ITA1, SUI, GER2

Men’s Double Sculls
Results: POL, SUI, GBR, ITA2, NED, ITA1

Women’s Four
Results: NED, DEN, POL, GBR, ITA

Men’s Four
Results: ITA1, GBR1, POL, NED, GBR2, SUI

Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls
Results: NOR1, ITA, NOR2, ALG

Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls
Results: NED, ITA1, SUI, FRA, CZE, EGY

Women’s Quadruple Sculls
Results: GER, ITA1, POL1, NED1, HUN

Men’s Quadruple Sculls
Results: ITA, NOR, GER1, POL, GER2, CZE

The winner of the single sculls, Kjetil Borch, of Norway, wrote on Instagram: “I had a good race today. That said, my apologies for not thinking about the branding-rules of @worldrowingofficial taking the Red Bull can to the podium – I am very sorry for that, and totally forgot it in the heat of the action, even though I should have known better.” On Borch’s right is silver medallist Sverre Nielsen, of Denmark, and on Borch’s left, bronze medallist Oliver Zeidler, of Gemany. Nielsen wrote on his Instagram that he is taking a couple of days off to visit his family in the Faroe Islands. Photo: Balint Czucz(@balintczucz)

Men’s Single Sculls

Women’s Single Sculls
Results: UKR, NED, GBR1, GER, SWE, NAM

Men’s Eight
Results: GER, ITA

Read more about the Sunday finals here.

Here are the results from the finals on Saturday.

Lightweight Women’s Single Sculls
Results: NED1, ITA1, SUI, POL, NED, GER

Lightweight Men’s Pair
Results: ITA2, HUN, ITA1

Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Sculls
Results: ITA, NED

Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Sculls
Results: ITA, NED

Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls
Results: ITA1, ITA2, SLO, HUN, NOR, SWE

Read more about the Saturday finals (lightweight classes) here.

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