Finally, One Victory for Oxford

Cambridge overpowered Oxford in the women’s lightweight boat race on 18 May. Photo: CUBC website. (Credit: Nordin Ćatić @nordincatic)

25 May 2021

By Göran R Buckhorn

Oxford managed to win the last race of the boat races against its archrival Cambridge when the men’s lightweights rowed on Sunday. A week ago, 18 May, Cambridge’s lightweight women beat Oxford. Both races were held on the Great Ouse.

This was the Light Blues’ year. Cambridge won the men’s and women’s Boat Races in early April. Then Goldie (Cambridge men’s reserve crew) beat Isis (Oxford men’s reserve crew), and Blondie (Cambridge women’s reserve crew) beat Osiris (Oxford women’s crew) in late April.

Results 2021: Cambridge 4 Oxford 0.

However, there were two more races before we could close the results book for the 2021 boat races between the Oxbridge crews.

To keep it COVID-safe, the four races in April were held on the River Great Ouse at Ely. And it was the same safety measure when it came to the two lightweight races.

On 18 May, the lightweight women raced down the course on Great Ouse in a tight race, the lead being swapped several times between the crews. At the 3km-mark, Cambridge’s women made a push, which Oxford’s women couldn’t respond to and fell behind. The Cambridge boat crossed the finish line 2.5 lengths ahead of Oxford.

In the lightweight men’s race on Sunday, 23 May, Oxford were in a few seats lead at 500 metres. The Oxford cox Cici Hong kept the umpire busy with the flag. Then a cruiser appeared that kept both crews on their toes. Cambridge tried to attack but Oxford managed to get a lead by a length. Oxford crossed the line a length and a half up on the Cambridge lightweights.

Lightweight Men’s Boat Race (since 1975)
Cambridge 28 wins, Oxford 19 wins

Lightweight Women’s Boat Race (since 1984)
Cambridge 21 wins, Oxford 17 wins

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