Ely-ation for Cambridge: Light Blues Again Make it Four out of Four

Top: Goldie, the Cambridge men’s reserve crew, pictured after winning the contest against their Oxford counterparts, Isis, on the 2021 Boat Race course, Ely to Littleport, on the River Great Ouse. Below: Cambridge’s Blondie after beating Oxford’s Osiris in the women’s reserve race. Pictures: @maryblackman8.

27 April 2021

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch sees Cambridge happy with a 2:2.

At Ely last Sunday, there was, in the words of Oscar Hammerstein, “a bright golden haze on the meadow” as the Cambridgeshire fens witnessed wins for Goldie by six lengths and Blondie by seven lengths in the Oxbridge reserves races, the 56th Isis v Goldie contest for the men and the 49th Osiris v Blondie fixture for the women. The event was not publicised in case it attracted non-socially distanced spectators.

The Light Blues have won all four events in the last three Boat Races, 2018, 2019 and 2021. Here, the Cambridge men’s nd women’s Blue and reserve crews are pictured celebrating in 2018.
This graph from the Boat Race Wikipedia page has not been updated for the 2021 reserve results but it still shows how surprisingly little the lead in Boat Race wins has changed hands in the events long history.

In a crumb of comfort for Oxford, they won the men’s “spare pair” race (though not the women’s). 

Crew lists are on Instagram.

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