Two’s A Crowd…

This shot of the Head of the River Race in 2016 shows three things that would not be allowed in 2021: A crowd of people – standing on Hammersmith Bridge – while boats go under it. Imagine!

29 March 2021

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch wonders what is normal.

It is now over a year since Britain went into lockdown and, as in the rest of the world, life in the country has changed dramatically in that time. The hackneyed phrase, “the new normal”, naturally comes to mind – though I am not going to try and predict what this state of affairs will eventually become. I will simply mark the one-year anniversary by looking at examples of rowing’s old norms and hope that v2.0 of the aquatic ordinary will eventually turn out to be very similar.

Eights Week at Oxford, 2014.
Boat Race Day at Putney, 2018.
The Fourth at Eton, 2019.
Club life: Auriol Kensington after winning the Dewar Shield in 2018.
The Doggett’s Coat and Badge, 2018.
The May Bumps at Cambridge, 2018.
Henley Royal Regatta, 2017.
Cambridge pose for photographers, 2019. This picture was wrong even before social distancing was introduced. 

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