Feminism Afloat: Images For IWD 2021

Members of the Ace Rowing Club at a women’s regatta held at Putney in 1931.

8 March 2021

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch visually mansplains International Women’s Day, 8 March.

All the Single Ladies…

Suzanne San, a winner at the ‘Club nautique femina’ regatta, France, 1910.
Lucy Pocock, winner of the Women’s Championship of the Thames, 1912.
Florence Lallem, winner of the Ladies Sculls at the 1918 Furnivall Sculling Club Regatta.
Margaret Barff, winner of the Women’s Amateur Sculling Championship, 1929.

Aviron du monde

Berlin, 1929.
USSR at the 1966 European Championships.
Philadelphia, 1935. The University of Pennsylvania.
Paris, 1910. The Women’s Boating Club, Neuilly-Plaisance.
Massachusetts, 1920s. Smith College, Northampton.

Going Clubbing 

Weybridge Ladies.
Furnivall Sculling Club, Hammersmith, 1907.
Reading Ladies, 1908.
St David’s Ladies, 1924.
Exeter RC, 1952.


United Universities Women’s Boat Club, the Women’s Head of the River, 1935.
Somerville College, Oxford, 1920s.
Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 2nd Ladies Boat, 1983. They seem to have been allocated a boat with an external rudder, perhaps made 30 years before?
United Universities Women’s Boat Club, 1930s.
Cambridge University Women’s Lightweights, 1990.
Oxford University Women’s Boat Club, 1929.
Women from King’s College, London, receive coaching from Harry Blackstaffe, 1926.

Women’s Henley?

The “Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News” of 10 July 1926 gave a whole page to ‘Women in Sport’. However, the sporting achievement that it chooses to highlight was that ‘ladies lend colour and beauty to the scene on the Thames at Henley’.

One comment

  1. Herewith another fantastic dig by Tim Koch into early women’s rowing history. If each of these images is worth 1,000 words, Tim is gradually approaching a book-length dissertation on the subject …

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