Technical Issues Reading HTBS on your Phone?

Some readers have experienced ‘cut’ pictures in HTBS articles while reading them on their phones. Is there a solution?

7 November 2020

By Göran R Buckhorn, editor of HTBS

It has come to my attention that e-mail subscribers to this website in the USA and Europe (and maybe elsewhere?) have experienced some technical issues with articles while trying to read them on their mobile phones. The problem seems to be that some of the illustrations and captions in an article shift to the right and look like they are ‘cut’ or ‘falling out’ of the screen. (See above screenshot from yesterday’s obituary of Sam Mackenzie.)

Consulting my ever reliable and technical savvy HTBS IT staffer, Mrs B., on this matter, she informed me that there are so many variables of how this can occur on your phone: iPhone or Android, which version of the operating system is your phone running, what e-mail app are you using, when was it last updated? There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

I’m afraid, there is no way I can send the HTBS articles differently to your e-mail addresses that would solve this problem. However, this being said, there is an easy way to read the HTBS articles on your mobile phone without them being ‘cut’. While you are looking at the e-mail version of the article, please click on the blue coloured headline (see red arrow in the screen shot on top). This will take you to the HTBS website where you can read the article without any technical problems.

Let me also take the opportunity to thank you readers for being loyal visitors to this website. As long as you read, we will write.


  1. Dear Goran.

    The photo cut in half problem is also happening on Windows in Google Chrome and Firefox as well. So a larger problem than phones!


  2. Dear Goran,

    Thanks for clarifying this. I have also been having that problem both with HTBS and another blog. I put it down to my mobile phone company having ‘improved’ things. Nick says this has to be done because of hackers. I can read HTBS fine on the laptop.

  3. The same thing happens on my P.C. but I realised some while back that all you have to do is click on the link and read the website itself, rather than trying to read it in your email.

  4. Thank you for notifying me that the ‘cut picture’ thing also occurs on computers. Those readers who have contacted me only mention that this was a problem on their phones. I am sorry about this, but as I mentioned in the above article, please click on the blue headline to get to the ‘real’ HTBS website. Thank you / Göran (editor, HTBS)

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