HRR 2020: I See No Boats*

I spy, 2016.

2 July 2020

By Tim Koch

To mark what would have been Henley’s second day, Tim Koch turns his back on the rowers and looks at the spectators.

Keeping cool, 2017.
Boys in blue, 2017.
Old (Light) Blue, 2016.
Boater and blades, 2017.
Style, 2015.
Elegance and effort, 2015.
‘Are they ahead?’, 2012.
At the finish, 2015.
At the start, 2014.
Patterns, 2016.
No jacket required, 2018.
Stripes, 2017.
Sophistication and sewage, 2013.
Relaxed, 2107.
Preppies, 2017.
London and Leander, 2017.
Hats, 2013.
Blades, 2015.
Neighbours, 2015.
Boathouse Rock, 2017.

* A misquote of a quote wrongly attributed to Admiral Lord Nelson: ‘I see no ships’.

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