Henley Womens Regatta 2020: DNS*

One of the few women to be found on Henley Reach today: the statue on Temple Island. Although much the same age as the folly of 1771 on which she stands, the nymphette is not original to the Temple, she arrived in 1989 to replace her predecessor who drowned during post-regatta high jinks in 1954. By profession she is a Bacchante, a priestess to Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and frivolity (it may be a secret, but the figure in the inadequate peignoir is not Roman or even British – she is French).

19 June 2020

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch looks back down Henley Reach.

Today, Friday 19 June, should have been the opening day of Henley Women’s Regatta 2020, but, sadly, it is not to be. However, here are some of my pictures of HWRs gone-by, which I hope will evoke memories of the past but also stir plans for the future.

A pre-race briefing, 2011.
Waiting on the start. Globe RC, J16 Quads, 2016.
‘Attention…. Go’. J16s from Henley RC (right) against Surbiton High School (left), 2017.
Picking up speed. A 2017 semi-final of the Elite Eights: Northeastern University, USA, (left) race the composite of Aberdeen University / Cambridge University / Imperial College / Marlow / Newcastle University / University of London (right).
Passing the Island. Lea RC and Wallingford RC battle it out in a semi-final of Club Fours, 2016.
Eights at the end of the Island, 2016.
Umpire Zoe Davies, 2017.
Eton Excelsior, 2013.
Auriol Kensington, 2015.
Half-way: Passing ‘Fawley Court’, allegedly the inspiration for ‘Toad Hall’, 2017.
At the finish, perhaps the penultimate stroke. Glover of Warrington beat Armstrong of Bedford Girls School by one foot in J1x, 2015.
Leander Club win E4-, 2017.
Winners, Senior Double Sculls, 2016.
Elite Lightweight Double Sculls, Wallingford beat Exeter University / Edinburgh University, 2016.
Back to the rafts: School Junior 2x won by Norske Studenter of Norway, 2013.
Prizegiving 2017: Jess Eddie (right) and Katie Greaves (left) made the presentations.
Nike, the Greek goddess who personifies victory, tops the George Innes Cup for Elite Single Sculls (formerly the prize for the Women’s Amateur Sculling Championship of Great Britain).

*DNS: The abbreviation used in race results for ‘Did Not Start’.

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