HTBS at 11: The Song Remains the Same

12 March 2020

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch sends a greetings card to Göran R Buckhorn.

Today, 12 March, is the 11th anniversary of the first post on Hear The Boat Sing. In this time, there have been 3,400 posts, 2.222,091 page views, and 5,250 Tweets have been sent (including the one about this jubilee post) to 2,378 Followers. We are Following 1,122 Twitter accounts.

An autographed copy of Steve Fairbairn’s ‘Oarsman’s Song’ on display in London Rowing Club. Click to enlarge and to read about how the boat sings.

Iain Weir’s wonderful film that uses Steve’s words is always worth revisiting (21,000 views in three years).

Editor G.R.B. note: Thank you, Tim. And thank you to all you regular and irregular contributors and all you loyal readers!

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