Jumbo Edwards Biography

RAF pilot Jumbo Edwards, photograph from 1944.

21 February 2020

During Monday to Thursday this week, HTBS published an article in four installments about the famous oarsman, coach and RAF pilot H. R. A. Edwards, also known as Jumbo Edwards (1906–1972) by Gavin Jamieson, who is married to Jumbo’s granddaughter Melissa.

Gavin has access to Jumbo Edwards’s family archives, which among other things includes Jumbo’s unpublished memoir. It’s Gavin’s intention to publish a biography of the extraordinary life of Jumbo, but he would like your help. Gavin would be grateful to receive anecdotes from rowers who were coached by Jumbo or had relatives who might have handed down stories of Jumbo’s time in a boat, on the tow path or in the air.

Gavin would also be pleased to hear from anyone who expresses an interest in a book dedicated to the exploits of Jumbo Edwards. Please contact Gavin at gmbjamieson@gmail.com or on Twitter @gmbjamieson

Did you miss any of Gavin’s chapters on Jumbo’s life? Don’t worry, you will find them all here.


  1. I really enjoyed reading about Jumbo Edwards’s life and his road to rowing redemption. Wouldn’t this make a great plot for a film?

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