The Girl in the Boat

Third from right, Jennifer Huffman, Joe Rantz’s granddaughter, raced with her teammates from College RC at the Head of the Charles and placed second in their boat class. Photo from Head of the Charles website, courtesy Jennifer Huffman.

21 October 2019

We at HTBS love to publish rowing stories, and often we point our readers to books that tell good stories of rowing of the olden days. One of our favourite books on the sport we love is The Boys in the Boat (2013) by Daniel James Brown. The book is a must-read for everyone interested in rowing.

For the book, Brown talked to one of the ‘boys’ in the Washington eight that took the Olympic gold medal at the games in 1936, Joe Rantz, but sadly, Rantz died before the book was published.

In 2009, Jennifer Huffman, Rantz’s granddaughter, picked up the oar to follow in her grandfather’s wake. Since then, Huffman has won several medals in Masters regattas. Racing in the Women’s Senior Master Eights at the Head of the Charles last Saturday, Huffman and her College Rowing Club teammates placed second.

Head of the Charles’s website published a nice story on Joe Rantz and Jennifer Huffman yesterday. As HTBS thinks it’s too good of a story to miss, you will find it here.


  1. So many non-rowing people in England I know have loved that book. I did refer to it in my “Jack Beresford” book too.

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