2018 Yale – Harvard Regatta Recap

The 2018 Sexton Cup winners, Yale. Photo: www.yalebulldogs.com.

11 June 2018

For those of you who have read the 2018 Yale-Harvard Regatta articles on HTBS but maybe not seen the three races – or those who would like to see the races again and again and again – here is recap.

Commentators are, as usual, Andy Card (Yale) and Gregg Stone (Harvard), and, yes, if you wonder, Stone is father of 2016 Olympian Gevvie Stone, silver medallist in the single sculls.

3rd Varsity Race (2-mile):

2nd Varsity Race (3-mile):

Varsity Race (4-mile):


  1. According to the commentators, the crews would split up after Saturday’s races. It’s a pity, as it would be interesting to see how they would do against British and other European crews.

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