Tideway Week Wednesday: Keeping Tabs on Cambridge

Cambridge’s Blue Boat is, unsurprisingly, yellow.

22 March 2018

Tim Koch is still at Putney.

With the Boat Race only three days away, on Wednesday the Cambridge Men’s Blue Boat and Goldie, the men’s reserve crew, paddled over the course together, shadowed by both a press boat and a launch carrying Old Light Blues. The crews did some low rating pieces under the umpireship of supporting coach and Boat Race legend, Donald Legget, a man who has coached a CUBC crew every year since 1968.

The Cambridge Women’s Blue Boat (left) race their reserve crew, Blondie (right).
Two Old Blues – perhaps wondering if the youngsters are as good as they were.
The Old Blues’ launch.
The Blue Boat (left) leads Goldie (right) passing the Fulham Wall.
Donald Legget takes charge.
A future Blue perhaps?
Oxford looks unimpressed.
Goldie under the watchful eyes of the Old Blues.
Unsurprisingly, there was rough water in Corney Reach.
The crew that Cambridge hope will produce its 83rd Boat Race victory.
At the finish.
Bow three: Charlie Fisher, Patrick Elwood, James Letten.
Back to Putney – going through Barnes Bridge.
This will be coach Steve Trapmore’s eighth and last Boat Race. He will be taking on the role of High-Performance Coach within the GB Olympic Rowing program working alongside GB Chief Coach, Jurgen Grobler.

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