Mara Ford New Head of the NRF

25 January 2018

Mara Ford

In a press release sent out earlier today, the National Rowing Foundation (NRF) announced that Charles Hamlin, executive director of the organisation since January 2014, is retiring. New head for the NRF is Mara Keggi Ford, who has been the associate director of the NRF, which she joined in 2009.

Jamie Koven, co-chair of the NRF’s Board of Directors, commended Hamlin on his service, ‘Charlie served as the NRF’s Executive Director for four years from 2014 to 2017, which included the four years of the Rio Olympic cycle and the first year of the Tokyo quadrennium. During his tenure the NRF raised nearly $6.5 million to support the preparation, selection and participation of our junior and senior athletes in their respective world championships and our Olympic athletes in the Rio Games. We shall miss his dedication and commitment to our sport and to our athletes.’

Charles Hamlin will now have more time to race in Master regattas.

Charles Hamlin said in a comment: ‘At the fast approaching age of 71, I felt it was time to pass the reins of the NRF to Mara Ford, my right and left hand for the last four years, and to seek out new adventures, race in even more masters’ regattas, spend more time with Ellen, my sons and Henry, my grandson. I will forever be grateful for the camaraderie, friendships, generosity and goodwill of the national team community and its many supporters.’

‘Mara Ford brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and management skills to her new role at the NRF,’ Marcia Hooper, co-chair of the NRF’s Board of Directors, said. ‘She has a terrific breadth of knowledge and experience to lead our fundraising efforts going forward.”

Ford has been an integral member of the NRF team running all NRF events, managing the NRF’s day-to-day operations, growing the donor community and assisting with all fundraising efforts supporting U.S. National Team rowers. Mara is a three-time U.S. National Rowing Team member and Olympian and familiar with the needs of the athletes. She is committed to increasing the support for USA Rowers to win medals in Tokyo and beyond.

‘I look forward to my new role and am excited to see what we can accomplish. As an Olympian, I know what it takes to succeed and will continue to work tirelessly to provide for the future success of the U.S. national rowing teams,’ Ford said in a statement.

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